Home of the ultimate wooden Hammocks

Imagine yourself whiling away the hours, lying back in our super comfortable  wooden Hammocks, created from curved English Oak.

Let a gentle breeze rock you... and dream!!!



Welcome to the only place to buy our oak Hertfordshire Hammocks online.

Please feel free to call 44 (0)1438869444 and talk to Richard or Monica  if you would like to have a hammock and talk to us about your trees or our stands we will be happy to give you any advise or help you might need.

All our Hammocks and Hammock Accessories are handmade in the UK and use wood from a sustainably managed woodland.

These beautifully crafted oak Hammocks are designed for the ultimate in relaxation. They can be hung from trees, pergolas and walls.

If you haven't got any trees, don't despair, because we've also designed an oak framed Hammock Stand which will go anywhere in your garden, conservatory or on your patio.


Hertfordshire Hammocks have an innovative and original design, which combines ancient barrel making and ship building techniques with modern stainless steel technology.

The result is a combination of strength and elegance. A superior design to the traditional fabric hammock, the
Hertfordshire Hammocks maintain its shape and gives all round support, for a more comfortable and calming experience.


The Sun is shinning. So have fun in our beautifully designed oak Hammocks.





Hammock Stand
£600.00 *
Hammock Canopy
£650.00 *
Hammock Post
£100.00 *
All Inclusive
£2,150.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery


Hammock Drinks Tray, Hammock Mattress and 2 cushions. Children's swings also available.


Because of the size and weight of the different products and the number of items you can choose Hertfordshire Hammocks needs you location to calculate the cost of the delivery.